The need for the Communities Fiji Britain (CFB) was identified by the Fijian community living in the UK and the idea was supported by the Fiji High Commission. CFB was established especially to prevent the social exclusion of Fijians residing in the UK who are serving in the UK armed forces, veterans and their dependents and also to assist the many Fijian families who chose to settle in the UK. CFB set up in 2015 to assist this group with the many issues they face, however the mounting case load relied heavily on the goodwill and personal time of its dedicated trustees.


Vital help for CFB was to be awarded LIBOR funds and The Big Lottery Awards For All funding.


The LIBOR award has allowed us to transform from a small group of volunteers managing an increasingly difficult case load, to a properly formed charity with well-structured policies and procedures, making it fully compliant with current legislation.


The Awards For All grant has allowed CFB to promote its services through roadshows and events.


CFB now has three paid employees; with a healthy training plan, hence enabling the charity’s staff to work towards specialisation in immigration, family issues, housing and domestic violence matters and to learn about what other help and grant assistance might be available for individuals.


CFB does not generate revenue: we sell no products and we do not charge for services rendered as it would deter people coming forward. On the other hand, CFB does not have funds to offer to individuals and their families; we instead offer our advice, guidance and support in practical ways.


CFB has already handled a number of complex cases and will continue to do so; these range from reuniting a young service man with his long lost grandfather (an Army veteran who was one of the original intake of Fijian serving personnel), dealing with urgent housing needs and challenging unfair treatment or decisions.  Another  key success, of which we are very proud, is CFB’s appeal to the MOD regarding the treatment of 2017 Fijian Foreign and Commonwealth Army recruits who were not offered a 'phase1' start date until April 2018 at a minimum. After an appeal by CFB, the MOD made an exception for these recruits and offered them a training place earlier than they would otherwise have, thus sparing them the punitive expense of having to return to their country then revisit the UK for the next year’s recruitment. The original decision would have had visa implications for the recruits also.


We may also assist with family issues or cases of domestic abuse; CFB has handled such cases with utmost care and tact, knowing that a delicate situation might only need some good mediation, advice and help to overcome problems; whereas occasionally a family could need greater help over a longer time period.

How we can help


CFB can offer:

  • Friendly advice and practical support

  • Help with completing forms

  • Help with letter writing

  • Advocate for your cause

  • Point you to other types of help, support and advice

  • Liaise with immigration services during visa processes

  • Help with housing issues

  • Find family mediation and advocate for you

  • Champion women and children’s needs

What We Can Do

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